The horses The horses Dessie Dessie is a 9yo strong cob type - she now stands 15.3hh - Dessie is full of personality and the boss of the herd. She has a lovely rocking motion, ideal for therapeutic transference. 203937054 Rocky Rocky is 21 years old and is the centre's superstar. He is so trustworthy and reliable. Rocky loves children and lights up when he hears young voices approaching. Rocky is a real confidence giver. 203937055 Avoca Avoca is 10 years old and stands 7hh (or 28 inches). He is an American Miniature Horse and is an ideal introduction to horses. Avoca visits nursing homes, schools, day and residential services, hospices etc. He is too small to be ridden but loves being groomed, petted and being brought for walks. 203937057 Bubbles & Cisco Bubbles was a rescue and Cisco came as a surprise. Bubbles is 18 years old and is 10.2hh. She is a sweet little mare and is full of character (though a little timid at times). Cisco will be 2 years old on 6th May 2018. 203937059 Cookie Cookie is 18 years old and is 13.3hh. Cookie is a very gentle pony who enjoys interaction with children and adults. Cookie is trained to be ridden with the Independence Saddle 204254596